Friday, September 28, 2012


                What happens when perfection isn’t good enough?

What could be wrong with being a pretty, having a “bubbly” life, partying every night, and – well – being pretty?

                Tally (being a new pretty) thinks it’s TOTALLY awesome. But when a blast from Tally’s ugly past shows up into her pretty life, everything goes wrong.
                She gets a note from someone close to her that was written before she was a “bubbly” pretty. And she wrote it, to help cure … the bad news about being pretty. (I KNEW there was something messed up about a world where everyone has self-esteem issues!)  Tally must decide. Is the society lying about the over-the-top operations? Or are the telling the truth?
                Full of back-stabbing, romance, and a twist you’ll never forget, Pretties is one the best books I’ve EVER read, and I highly recommend it.

 *brain food* 
I have holes in my top and bottom, my left and right, and in the middle. But I still hold water. What am I?

~~Middle Grade Madi~~


Matthew MacNish said...

I think this series is YA, not MG, honey.

Anonymous said...

I have this series. Haven't read them, but I have them.

I've seen the brain food riddle before, so I won't say anything...except I'm off to do the dishes...ahem.

vic caswell (aspiring-x) said...

my hubby has read some of uglies (me too) the first in this series, until the great applesauce incident of 2011 put the book out of commission. definitely YA... but i can't remember anything truly out of the range for an upper MG reader... but then my memory is terrible. my hubs thought it was an awesome read...before the event.

LTM said...

OK, I have no idea about the riddle. You've completely stumped me--LOL!

But wow. I have not read the Pretties series. You liked it so much, now I'm thinking I should!

Thanks, Madi! :o) <3

mshatch said...

I loved this whole series.