Thursday, July 12, 2012

First Impressions - Keeper of the Lost Cities, by Shannon Messenger.

I came home from Boston and my dad had gotten a box - full of books - that was delivered while we were gone. It came from his friend, Kristen Pelfrey, who is a teacher taking part in a revolution of reading (my dad told me to write that, I'm not sure what it is) and sent us a bunch of ARCs she picked up at something called ALA. I think she's awesome, because I've been wanting to read Shannon's book since she started recommending all my favorite MG books!

Shannon Messenger's book (comes out October 2nd),  Keeper of the Lost Cities, was in the box, obviously. The cover was very interesting. It was also a book my dad told me I should try to read. So I opened to the first page, and my jaw dropped in love. 
I was telling my dad about it today, "Dad, this book so good! I honestly love it more than I first loved Hunger Games and Harry Potter!" 

He was shocked, considering I have been OBSESSED with both books since I read them.   

I'm about 5 chapters in right now, but I still am excited to read the rest, since it has such an excellent beginning.  

My dad says I shouldn't talk about the parts I've read, because the book isn't published quite yet. :O - but, he did say if I talked about the first page and why it made me fall in love with the book that would be okay.

He was explaining to me that the first page is a REALLY important part of a book, because it makes a HUGE difference to a reader when they're deciding whether they're going to love a book or not.

The book begins with a preface, which apparently is like a prologue (but not EXACTLY). When I read the page, I fell right into Sophie's surroundings. 

The opening is as written:

Blurry, fractured memories swam through Sophie's mind, but she couldn't piece them together. She tried opening her eyes and found only darkness. Something rough pressed against her wrists and ankles, refusing to let her move.

A wave of cold rushed through her as the horrifying realization dawned. 

She was a hostage [dad said I had to write: emphasis added here, because this line in in italics in the book].

Didn't you love that as much as I did? The way it makes you shiver as you read it, isn't it a rush? In the beginning, Sophie is only a year older than me, and is going through some special things (I won't tell you, but you should read it on October 2nd to find out what it is). Reading about her in this situation is terrifying, because someone could easily hold a kid my age "hostage."

October 2nd should defiantly be on your calender as, "Go to Barnes & Nobles to get Keeper of the Lost Cities!" You won't regret it.

My dad says I should put links up to people when I post about their books. So here's where you can find Shannon:

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