Friday, September 28, 2012


                What happens when perfection isn’t good enough?

What could be wrong with being a pretty, having a “bubbly” life, partying every night, and – well – being pretty?

                Tally (being a new pretty) thinks it’s TOTALLY awesome. But when a blast from Tally’s ugly past shows up into her pretty life, everything goes wrong.
                She gets a note from someone close to her that was written before she was a “bubbly” pretty. And she wrote it, to help cure … the bad news about being pretty. (I KNEW there was something messed up about a world where everyone has self-esteem issues!)  Tally must decide. Is the society lying about the over-the-top operations? Or are the telling the truth?
                Full of back-stabbing, romance, and a twist you’ll never forget, Pretties is one the best books I’ve EVER read, and I highly recommend it.

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I have holes in my top and bottom, my left and right, and in the middle. But I still hold water. What am I?

~~Middle Grade Madi~~

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Pretty Series, With an Ugly Title

                What could be wrong with everyone being super-model gorgeous?
Last Friday, I started a fantastic book called Uglies, by Scott Westerfeld. It’s in the point of view of a tricky “ugly” named Tally.
                What is an ugly? In Scott’s world, the stages of growing are... unique.
·         First, you’re a littlie
·         Then, you’re an ugly
·         A pretty
·         A middle pretty
·         A little pretty
·         And a dead pretty
Tally, is (obviously) an ugly in this book. She misses her best friend, Peris, and sneaks into the place where pretties live, it’s called New Pretty Town. Uglies aren’t supposed to go there, though, but pretties CAN go into Uglyville, even though they never do.
That’s when Tally Youngblood meets Shay, another Ugly, but Shay doesn’t want to become pretty like Shay does. She would much rather STAY ugly. 
Shay takes Tally on an amazing - and strange - adventure to new places, and new, pretty thoughts.
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What gets wetter and wetter the more it dries? 

~~Middle Grade Madi~~

Monday, September 10, 2012

Vampires DON'T Suck

I finished the Vladimir Tod series, by Heather Brewer about a week ago. Can I tell you a secret about it? AMAZING!
And do you know what you should do RIGHT NOW? GO and GET it!
Vladimir Tod starts off as an 8th grader in a town called Bathory. He’s got a secret, a blood filled, crazy secret. He’s a vampire, but a human too.
During this series, Vlad lives with his “aunt”, Nelly due to a death of his parents – Thomas and Melina Tod – when Vlad was 9. He has to decide, are humans more than just something vampires suck on, like his dad? Or, is he really one of them; his mom, his aunt, all the kids he goes to school with (the girl he's had a crush on since grade 3), and his best friend, Henry.
But, there’s another series too. (I haven’t read it yet, my school doesn’t have it) It’s in the point of view of Joss, Vlad’s vampire slayer friend. It’s called the Slayer Chronicles! If it’s as good as Vlad’s story, it ought to be something to check out!
HERE is the blog for Heather. It has both Vlad’s story and his friend, Joss.

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 I fly, yet I have no wings. I cry, yet I have no eyes. Darkness follows me; lower light I never see.

~~Middle Grade Madi~~

Interviews - Check It Out!

The other day, my dad said that he got an interview I need to fill out from one of his blogger friend, and it will be online in a couple hours. So, make sure to check it out! It's at Literary Rambles, with Natalie Aguirre, which he said is a pretty big deal.

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I'm the part of the bird that's not in the sky. I can swim in the ocean and yet remain dry. What am I?

~~Middle Grade Madi~~

p.s. My review of Shannon Messenger's Keeper of the Lost Cites will (hopefully) be up soon. I finally started middle school, and I've been super busy!